Hand & Wrist Surgeon

We use our hands extensively for many simple yet essential tasks like – eating, maintaining hygiene, carrying, cleaning & work. Any hand injury or condition …

elbow replacement

Elbow joint replacement, also referred to as Total Elbow Arthroplasty (TEA) is an operative procedure to treat the symptoms of elbow arthritis (Rheumatoid arthritis of elbow), elbow pain, reduced elbow joint movements that have not responded to non-surgical treatments. Elbow Joint Replacement surgery is recommended ....

Shoulder replacement

Dr Gautam Tawari, is a UK trained specialist shoulder surgeon. He undertakes with excellent results both Anatomical & Reverse shoulder replacements.


The knee joint is the commonest joint to be injured with playing sports or from vehicle accidents. Following the injury the knee joint swells, has …


Dr Gautam Tawari, is a specialist shoulder arthroscopy surgeon and an accredited sports surgeon. He routinely undertakes these procedure for his patients. Post-surgery full healing takes approximately 3 – 4 months.


Dr Gautam Tawari, is a specialist sports orthopaedic and arthroscopy surgeon, and routinely undertakes arthroscopic ACL reconstruction. His patients are discharged in 1 day and pain free following the procedure. He is very approachable and supervises all the 3 phases of your rehabilitation and guides you through your recovery in an informed & effortless manner.