Hand Surgery – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release (ECTR)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common, painful, progressive condition that is caused by compression of the nerve (median) at the hand & wrist area. 

Dr Gautam Tawari – Hand SurgeonHand & Wrist Pain

Patients commonly present with hand numbness and tingling sensation in their fingers. Pain and burning sensation in the hand and forearm that may radiate up to the elbow. Patients often have weakness in hand with loss of grip strength. They might also struggle with the use of hand in activities of daily living requiring fine movements.  

The exact causes of the condition is not known. However factors often associated include repetitive motion of hand and wrists, hand fractures and sprains, hormonal imbalance, and other medical conditions such as hypothyroidism and diabetes. 

The treatment of Carpal tunnel syndrome is based on the severity and the duration of the symptoms. Surgery is often required as it is a progressive condition. The aim of surgery is to prevent further damage to the nerve occurring due to on-going compression.

Standard Carpal Tunnel Release – This is an open surgery, it  involves up to a 2- inch incision in the palm and wrist area, the pressure on the nerve is released. Patients often complain of scar pain and scar thickening following this surgery.

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release (ECTR) – This is an advanced and more skilful technique. This allows release of the pressure on the nerve from a small keyhole, using an endoscope (pencil camera) and special instruments. This endoscopic carpal tunnel release technique allows a very small surgical scar, no scar pain, no scar thickening and a shorter recovery duration.

Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery has a very good success rate and over 95% of patients are satisfied. Postoperative full recovery may take from 6 weeks to 3 months.

Dr Gautam Tawari is one of best trained hand surgeon in Mumbai, India. He has trained at the Pulvertaft Hand Centre (UK) which is an apex institute for hand surgery training in the United Kingdom and the world.

Dr Gautam Tawari offers a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of all hand & wrist problems including carpal tunnel syndrome. He routinely undertakes the standard carpal tunnel release and also the newer Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release (ECTR) procedures. 

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