Top Knee Surgeon in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai, India

Top Knee Surgeon in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai, India – Dr Gautam Tawari – Knee & Sports Surgeon

The knee joint is the commonest joint to be injured with playing sports or from vehicle accidents. Following the injury the knee joint swells, has restricted movement and has pain. Mild injuries to knee joint require Rest, Icing, Compression bandage, Elevation (RICE Therapy). Severe injuries to the knee joint requires a review from a Knee specialist to ascertain early and accurate diagnosis of the injury and initiation of early treatment.

Dr Gautam Tawari, is a specialist knee surgeon. He has trained with the best Knee and sports surgeons in the United Kingdom. He also worked as a Consultant Surgeon in the UK and specialises in advanced knee arthroscopy, Knee Ligament reconstruction like ACL reconstruction, PCL reconstruction, MPFL reconstruction. He treats all meniscal tears with modern methods of meniscal repair.

He uses modern surgical concepts for treatment of Osteochondral injuries (cartilage injuries) in the knee with OATS (Osteo-Articular Transfer Surgery), ACI & MACI (Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation) & Allograft osteochondral transfers. 

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