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Shoulder Arthritis or complex shoulder fracture results in the smooth cartilage that covers the ends of the bones to wear, causing the rough bone ends to rub against each that results in shoulder pain and loss of shoulder movement.  
Reverse Shoulder Replacement, Anatomical Shoulder Replacement Surgery

This shoulder pain worsens with activities, especially with any activities that require the arms to reach over the head, and decreases with rest. There is also significant loss of shoulder movement which makes simple activities of daily living like wearing clothes, combing hair extremely difficult. 

The disease often is progressive in nature and the initial management involves activity modifications, Exercises and physiotherapy and painkillers. 

Surgery is the definitive solution and involves shoulder joint replacement. Based on the state of the muscles and tendons, replacement is undertaken either in the form of Anatomic Shoulder Replacement (where ball and socket are exchanged with like for like) or Reverse Shoulder Replacement (where ball is replaced to become socket & socket is replaced to act as a ball)

Dr Gautam Tawari, is a UK trained specialist shoulder surgeon. He undertakes with excellent results both Anatomical & Reverse shoulder replacements. He also undertakes Revision Shoulder Replacement (Shoulder replacement for failed previous shoulder surgery) and difficult shoulder surgery with good results. 

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