Frozen Shoulder – Get is treated by the best shoulder surgeon in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai

Frozen shoulder, also called adhesive capsulitis, occurs when shoulder capsule thickens and becomes tight due to development of stiff tissue bands in the shoulder.     

Often patients also have Diabetes, Thyroid disease, Parkinson’s disease, Cardiac disease and or immobilisation for a period of time.

Shoulder pain which is typically worse on movement of the arm and at night is present, and often is severely disabling.  

Non-surgical treatment consists of pain killers and/or Shoulder injection with Physiotherapy. Surgical treatment consists of Shoulder arthroscopy with release of the tight tissues around the joint. 

Outcomes after surgery are generally very good (95%), with most patients having reduced or no pain and greatly improved near normal range of motion within 3 weeks to 9 weeks. 

Dr Gautam Tawari, routinely undertakes shoulder arthroscopy for frozen shoulder release. The patients hospital stay is generally only 1 day with excellent results for his patients.

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