Best Shoulder Surgeon in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai

Top Shoulder Surgeon, Best Shoulder Surgeon in Mumbai, India – Dr Gautam JK Tawari – Best Shoulder Surgeon (Arthroscopy & Replacement Specialist)

The shoulder joint functions from a complex interplay between the bones, ligaments, tendons or muscles around the shoulder. Ailment in any one structure of these results in Shoulder Pain. Shoulder Pain hence requires early and accurate diagnosis to initiate treatment.

Dr Gautam Tawari, is a specialist shoulder surgeon. He has trained with the best shoulder and elbow surgeons in the United Kingdom. He also worked as a Consultant Upper limb (Shoulder, Elbow) & Hands Surgeon in the UK and specialises in advanced  shoulder arthroscopy, shoulder replacement, reverse shoulder replacements surgeries. 

The common shoulder problems he treats surgically and non-surgically include – Shoulder Pain, Shoulder Dislocation, Shoulder Instability, Rotator Cuff tear, Frozen Shoulder, AC Joint Pain, and Shoulder Arthritis.

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visit: or contact on – 9619618071 / 8291010015.

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